cotechino fattoria

Cotechino La Fattoria

The history of the Cotechino is probably older than that of the Zampone as it dates back to 1745, while its more classic counterpart from Modena dates back to 1785.
It is the best-selling pre-cooked sausage in Italy, easy to cook and very tasty, and presents as a pure pork sausage with a synthetic casing (which is removed after cooking) containing a mixture of minced pork with salt and flavourings.
The colour of the meat is a variegated pinkish red; it has a very pleasant aroma and a full flavour.

Net weight 500g including the natural broth formed during cooking

Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from heat sources

Only Italian meat

Without polyphosphates


If the pouch has been perforated or broken accidentally, the Cotechino should not be eaten but returned to the supplier for a substitution.

Instructions: Cook the Cotechino in its own sachet for 25 minutes in boiling water. Cut a corner of the sachet to let the jelly out, then open completely. Slice the Cotechino and serve very hot with usual vegetables.