Garanzia Zampone 2 Fette


Zampone Cotto 2 Fette Garanzia di Qualità Net weight 150g including the natural broth formed during cooking Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from heat sources Only Italian meat Without polyphosphates Gluten-Free If the pouch has been perforated or broken accidentally, the Zampone should not be eaten but returned to [...]

Garanzia Zampone Senza Piede


Zampone Garanzia di Qualità Senza Piede The Zampone is a classic, pure pork sausage in a natural casing of skin from the animal’s foreleg, containing a minced pork mixture. The meat is a variegated, pinkish red colour; the aroma is intense but not aggressive, and it has a very full, appetising flavour. [...]

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